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I partnered with IF Gathering in the Fall of 2016 to help create visual content for study material they launch after their women's conference in February 2017, If Equip. I created 5 large scale paintings for their content and painted one live painting during our time together at SHSW Studios. It was a blast! Photogrpahy: Katie Jameson

"IF Equip walks through spiritual disciplines outlined in the Bible, meant to draw us closer to Jesus."

"Art is a beautiful representation of the small things coming together to create a vibrant story. That’s why we partnered with @KimWhiteside to create a custom piece for ENJOYING JESUS. It’s a visual representation of the everyday strokes of life and how the rhythms of spiritual disciplines will, layer upon layer, reveal our intimate walk with Christ."

In the fall of 2016, Jennie Allen and her team filmed a segment of her new book, "Nothing to Prove" at my studio incorporating the idea that God uses messy things to create something beautiful. I've never had a film crew come to my messy studio before! The experience was amazing as God showed me how He uses my gifts and my messy life to contribute to something bigger, I am so grateful to have been able to be apart of their work! 

April 2016: SUAVS Shoes Collaboration, Austin, Texas
SUAVS Shoes team used my work as a backdrop for their photoshoot.

In 2014, we collaborated our artistic focuses to create a series of abstract, almost sculptural, images. By merging painting, photography, modeling and make up, our team made some pretty amazing images were we all artistically contributed to make these amazing pieces of art. 

Photogrpahy: Cody Bess

Model: Julia Overby

MUAH: Sara Eudy